Highlights of Google I/O Keynote 2018

Google I/O 2018

Google I/O Keynote 2018 was as always the geekiest innovations annual developer conference held at Shoreline Amphitheater in Mountain View, California. The event was jam-packed with news and interesting features with AI theme announcements.

12 Big Announcements from Google I/O 2018

Let’s check out what Sundar Pichai has served in Google I/O 2018.

Android P:

The showstopper was definitely Android P; with digital wellbeing dashboard. With its iPhone-X like gestures, key interactions will be transformed greatly. In addition; there will be a dashboard to display how you are spending time on your device, how many times you have locked and unlocked your device screen, and how many notifications you have received.

The best feature is users can set time limits for apps to save time wastage on social media.

New Generation TPU hardware:

Last year at Google I/O 2017 keynote Google introduced the advanced computing power of Google called Tensor processing units (TPU). The technology is successfully running in the medical fields around the world allowing doctors to leverage the benefits of Deep learning and machine learning in the healthcare sector.

This year they have proved that the AI they have built is capable of doing more than just screening the retina. Now doctors can predict the chances of heart attack or stroke of any patient just by scanning the retina. The new TPU pod is 8x more powerful than the previous year and has up to 100 petaflops in performance.

A continued conversation with Google Assistant:

In an effort to make Assistant more natural Google I/O 2018 introduced “continued conversation”. Now users don’t have to say “hey Google” or “OK Google” every time before initiating a command. Just say it the first time and then you can continue the conversation.

Google will soon add an extra touch of asking multiple questions within the same request soon.

More Power To Google Photos:

Google is working hard to become the heart of its user’s picture collections. Now it is trying to attract its users with more powerful tools which can modify, sort or edit photos. The new AI-powered features of Google photos will create collages and movies automatically along with stylizing photos. With fixes like B&W brightness correction, photo colorization and suggested rotations; photos will be more beautiful. Google photos will also suggest tweaks and fixes like adding pops of color, brightness correction, rotation etc.

Smart Displays with Google Assistant and Youtube:

Google has increased the level of smart devices answering our questions. Google will be launching smart displays in July this year. Users can now ask any question from Google and they will have an option to check some kind of visuals related to the query. Google Assistant and YouTube will be working with smart devices.

Google’s map with Google assistant for a whole new level of experience:

Now the users will get a more personalized recommendation with the latest version of Google Maps. Google is proving that Maps are now far more than just for directions, now users will get better recommendations for the nearby local places. The “For You” tab will tell you what’s trending in your neighborhood (or any place you are searching) by learning your personal preferences. Now users can long press on a place and then add it to a shareable list this will be soon launched as “Group Planning” feature.

Google news got redesigned:

Google has introduced two new features like “newscasts” and “full-coverage” now people can get a summary of the news and a holistic view of the news. The redesigned news destination is a combination of Newsstand, YouTube and Google’s digital magazine app.

The latest Google News app will basically perform three new functions, allow the users to uphold the news they prefer, prop-up the publishers they trust, comprehend the full story.

Google’s research division is renamed to Google AI:

Google has rebranded its research division into Google AI and the old Google research site is now redirecting to new Google AI site. Google is trying hard on introducing innovations in multiple facets of AI in technologies like computer vision, neural networks, and natural processing.

ML Kit for app developers:

At Google, I/O developers conference Google has introduced a new software development kit (SDK) to assist developers in the combination of pre-built Google-provided machine learning models with the mobile apps. Models which support face detection, text recognition, image labeling, barcode scanning, and landmark recognition will be available online and offline.

An app for the visually impaired:

Google I/O is proved to be a beneficial event for visually handicapped people, as Google’s new app “Lookout” will make them more independent by understanding their physical environment. The best part of the app is users can use it without an internet connection. The app will have four modes to select from Home, Work and Play, Scan and Experimental.

The users just have to put the camera pointing away from their body and Lookout app will deliver spoken notifications.

VR tours ownership for education:

Google’s 3D content library “Poly” will have the virtual tours. Google has introduced its tour creator feature for educators, students or anyone. People who have a story to tell can use the imagery from 360-degree photos or Google Street View. After creating their tour users can simply upload on poly. These tours will be easily accessible just by opening the link in the browser or they can play it on Google Cardboard.

SmartCompose for eMails:

Google will be introducing smart reply feature into the emails that will help the users to compose their emails from scratch faster. The basic feature will make suggestions to complete the sentence you are typing and will be available for Gmail users within few weeks.

That was the synopsis of Google I/O keynote 2018. There is no doubt to say that Google is trying to expand its innovative approach in all the industry verticals. Let’s wait for keynote 2019 and hope for some more ground-breaking announcements from Google.

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